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About the International Red Cross


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is a product of the collective human need to help one another. It is a complex movement made up of two major organizations with different roles to play. One is International Committee of the Red Cross formed in 1863, and the other The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies formed in 1919. There are also national Red Cross organizations and we will refer to all of these in my blog simply as the International Red Cross (IRC). The movement has over 97 million volunteers and staff worldwide who work tirelessly to better human lives, promote and help all achieve and preserve health and human dignity, especially in emergencies, wars, and disasters.

The International Red Cross volonteurs

There is no profile of an International Red Cross volunteer. Anyone can become a person willing to put in the extra work and effort it takes to help someone, and not want something material in return. While I was training and perfecting my skills, then later working in the field I met so many incredible people, young, old, of all races, genders, political and religious views. They all had one thing in common – compassion and that drive that need to help others more than you have a need to go on vacation or have fun. It’s not just a rush it is more profound than that, you need to experience the feeling to understand. So go on, find out!

Where do we help?

The Red Cross has been helping since the 19th century to countless people all over the world, first and minor and major European conflicts, then on a global scale in WWI and WWII, and after that while also helping in conflict zones the movement spread to help poverty stricken countries in Africa and Asia, with natural disasters ranging from Nepal, Japan to Italy and South America. It has come to a point that there is no country in the world that the Red Cross has not helped and organized itself in, to help individuals and groups face the greatest challenges.

How Do We Help?

One of the great things about the IRC is that you can help in so many ways it’s almost impossible to list them all. You can serve food, collect materials, be a surgeon, a nurse, a driver, a pilot, an engineer, a cook, a teacher….see the list is quite endless. In short, we can say that you help by giving all the qualities that you have for the service of others, their health, safety, education and dignity.

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